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Colour: Chestnut with a blaze

F: Glói frá Hindisvík

M: Rauðstjarna frá Hindisvík

Glóblesi 700 was pure bred from the old Hindisvík bloodline. He received price when he was shown in Þingvellir in 1970, and got 8,00 for conformation, 8,01 for riding abilities and a total score of 8,01

In 1982 Glóblesi received price for offsprings

"Glóblesi 700's offsprings are finely built and light. Their heads are sharp, with rather open ears and a tough look on their faces and sometimes even a cold look. Their necks are thin, but not well enough raised from the shoulders. The backs are straight and the croups thin, with a lightly built torso. The feet and joints are good but the hooves a bit shallow. They have a sensitive temper and much willingness. All gaits and great pace.
Glóblesi 700's offsprings are in general, finely built, willing but cold fivegaited horses and he receives 1st price for offsprings with the assesment of 7,92."

Glóblesi was among other places used as a breeding stallion in Kirkjubær. That mix turned out really well and many famous horses came from that mix (Glóblesi 700 x Kirkjubær). For example his sons Seifur, Sóti and his daughters son Strákur. All three of them made it to the finals in European Championships.

"The characteristics of those horses was much sensitivity. It was never dull around the young horses, but as soon as you started to work with them they calmed down. I would liked to have more horses out of the Glóblesi-Kirkjubær mixture, because that made geniuses." (Sigurbjörn Bárðarson).

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Glóblesi in Hindisvík, in 1988 (24 years old). Photographer: Brigitte Englisch

h98 1Glóblesi 700, rider is Halldór Sigurðsson

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Glóblesi frá Hindisvík is on the right side of the picture, rider is Sjöfn Halldórsdóttir. To the left is a offspring of the Hornafjörður-stallion, Skuggi frá Bjarnanesi, rider is 
Sigurður Ámundason.