Colour: Chestnut with blaze and white on both hindlegs

F: Glæsir frá Hindisvík
FF: Hjörtur frá Hindisvík
FM: Litla-Jörp frá Hindisvík

M: Arða frá Hindisvík
MF: Arður frá Tjörn
MFF: Óskahrafn frá Brún (8,08)

MM: Lilla frá Hindisvík (full sister of Glæsir frá Hindisvík)

 Mare from the Hindisvík bloodline. She is a daughter of Glæsir frá Hindisvík and her mother is a daughter of Glæsirs full sister. Gló was easy to break in and all gaits were open from the beginning with nice movements. She is a very confident and funny personality.