Colour: Chestnut

F: Hjörtur frá Hindisvík
FF: Hlöðvir frá Hindisvík
FM: Fjöður frá Hindisvík

M: -- frá Hindisvík
MF: Hlöðvir frá Hindisvík
MM: -- frá Hindisvík

Yngri-Rauðka has is a pure bred Hindisvík horse, all way back to the year 1880. She is one of the last horses that are pure bred from the old bloodline.

Yngri-Rauðka is a fourgaited mare with high movements, very good basic gaits and great hind leg activity.
She is a unique and funny personality.

 Offsprings of Yngri-Rauðka:
 Year Name Father Colour
2022 Hervör Lennon frá Vatnsleysu Bay
Rauðka was not covered in 2022.