Colour: Dark chestnut splashed white

F: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu (8,35)
FF: Smári frá Borgarhóli (8,01)
FM: Albína frá Vatnsleysu

M: Sonata frá Vatnsleysu (8,10)
MF: Jarl frá Búðardal (8,10)
MM: Silja frá Vatnsleysu

Height on withers: 145 cm (stick measurement)

About: We bought Strákur in january 2011. His parents both have first price and his full brother, Sjarmi, has been evaluated in a breeding show with 9 for tölt and trot, and 8,5 for general impression and willingness. Sjarmi was only 5 years old when he got his first 9,0 in a breeding show.

Another full brother, Seðill frá Vatnsleysu, is also a splashed white and has been evaluated with 8,30 for rideabilities.

Strákur has a unique and kind character and is easy to ride. His gaits are well seperated and clear with a great speed range. His movements are high and soft.

The colour splashed white does not inherit like "normal" pintos. Both parents have to have the gene so the offspring can have this colour. You can read more about how the colour does inherit here.

His first offsprings are born in 2012. They have been very easy to work with, and usually all gaits open right from the beginning with high movements.

Pictures of his offsprings are below on this page.

Strákur left to the USA in june 2019.

Strákur is also on facebook:

Strákur in may 2015. Rider is Strákurs breeder, Björn in Vatnsleysa.

dreng18© Jay Toups 2018

© Jay Toups 2018

Strákur meets the first mares of the season (2018)

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strakur38Strákur 4.years old. There he is about 1 month trained in total.

strakur393 years oldstrakur403 years oldstrakur413 years old
strakur423 years oldstrakur433 years oldstrakur443 years old

strakur46Strákur as a foal