Colour: Blue dun

F: Kópur frá Mykjunesi (8,18)
FF: Flosi frá Brunnum (8,24)
FM: Kolla frá Gerðum

M: Raun frá Flatey 1
MF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri (8,55)
MM: Mön frá Flatey 1


We bought Muska when she was turning 4 years old. Hanný did train her and later competed on her with very good results. She was ofen in the finals in A-flokkur and qualified for Landsmót a couple of times. Muska was also very strong on ice. Heiða competed on her in 2007 and did win a competition riding her with only one hand, because the other one was broken and in a ghips. That is a good example of Muska's great charachter. They also went together to Ístölt Austurland (tölt competition on ice) where they were 1 place from the finals in youth class. The same year Muska qualified for Fjórðungsmót with the highest note in A-flokkur for Hestamannafélagið Hornfirðingur. Heiða (then only 16 years) got to ride her first A-flokkur program on her in the Fjórðungsmót and did a pretty good job.

In the following summer Muska was sold to Switzerland, pregnant with Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu. We would have loved to keep her and her offspring and put her in breeding, but unfortunately, as a horsebreeder, you can't keep everyone. She will though leave her mark in our breeding through her daughter Gargandi-Snilld, who is already a breedingmare here in Hindisvík.

Muska is from the old Hornafjörður bloodline. In her fathers pedigree you can find Flosi frá Brunnum (FF), Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri (FFF), Sleipnir frá Miðfelli (FFMF) and Ófeigur frá Flugumýri (FMF), wich also has Hornafjörður blood. Muska's mother, Raun, is a dauther Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri and Mön frá Flatey. Mön is the mother of the famous Skór, Fífill and Þjálfi frá Flatey. She got 1st price for offsprings.

 Muskas offsprings (from our breeding):
 Year Name Father Colour
 2002  Blökk  Tígur frá Álfhólum  Black
 2006  Gargandi-Snilld  Kolskeggur frá Oddhóli  Blue dun

muskaMuska and Heiða - Ístölt Austurlandsmuska1Muska and Hanný - Wintercompetition in Hornafjörður 1st price
muska2Muska and Heiða - Ístölt Austurlandsmuska5Muska and Heiða winning youngsters class in Hornafjörður. Heiða could only ride with one hand, as the other was in a cast.muska6Muska and Heiða winning youngsters class in Hornafjörður. Heiða could only ride with one hand, as the other was in a cast.
muska7Muska and her daughter Gargandi-Snilldmuska10