Colour: Bay splashed white

F: Orion frá Litla-Bergi (8,09)
FF: Rökkvi frá Kirkjubæ
FM: Blika frá Vallanesi
(1.price for offsprings)

Skrámurs mother was a untrained grey mare who had Ófeigur frá Flugumýri and Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum in her pedigree

Skrámur is a horse that we will never forget. He was a bay splashed white fivegaited gelding with high movements and a true gæðingur. He had a very special and big personality and was kind and charming.

Hanný competed on him on a few competitions in Hornafjörður and won everything that they participated in. Heiða borrowed him for Ístölt Austurlands and they won the youth class. They also took part in adults B-flokkur and were 2 places from the finale with 8,26.

Skrámur is now in Switzerland and has competed with his new owner with good results. He is also on the logo for her company, Svisshólar.

When Skrámur was 2 years old he was used on a few mares for breeding. He has 8 registered offsprings, born in 2003. Amongst them is Skráma frá Viðey, who was in our breeding for a few years and gave us good horses.

skramur11Skrámur competing on Ístölt Austurlands 2009, where he won the young riders classskramur10Skrámur competing on Ístölt Austurlands 2009, where he won the young riders classskramur28skramur9skramur7
skramur5Skrámur and Hanný in competition 2009skramur1Skrámur and Hanný in competition 2009skramur6Skrámur and Hanný in competition 2009skramur4Skrámur and Hanný in competition 2009
skramur20Skrámur and Heiða, summer 2008.skramur26Skrámur and Heiða, summer 2008.skramur27Skrámur and Heiða, summer 2008.skramur19Skrámur and Hanny, summer 2008.

Skrámur in his new home


skramur-barla1Skrámur and Barla Isenbügelskramur-barla2Skrámur and Barla Isenbügel
skramur-barla3Skrámur and Barla Isenbügelskramur-barla5Skrámur and Barla Isenbügel
skramur-barla4Skrámur and Barla Isenbügel