Colour: Chestnut pinto with the splash gene

F: Skrámur frá Hurðarbaki
FF: Orion frá Litla-Bergi (8,09)
FM: Grey mare descending from Ófeigur frá Flugumýri
and Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum 

M: Fylgja frá Uxahrygg 2
MF: Gellir frá Uxahrygg
MM: Fluga frá Uxahrygg

We bought Skráma unseen in 2008. She is a daughter of Skrámur, who we owned, and that was enough for us to know about her at that point.
She was already 6 years old, had one foal the year before and was pregnant with another and untrained (not broken in). In spring 2009 she gave birth to Fjarki, a black pinto stallion, who we sold in the summer.

In 2010, when Skráma was 7 years old we started to train her for the first time. The breaking in went easily, and she turned out to be a pleasant surprise with her nice spirit, forward willingess and very high movements. We decided to put her in breeding in 2011.

Skráma was sold in the summer 2014. She was then pregnant after Strákur frá Vatnsleysu

 Skrámas offsprings (from our breeding)
 Year Name Father Colour
 2012  Dalía  Strákur frá Vatnsleysu  Chestnut pinto
 2013  Skarði  Strákur frá Vatnsleysu  Chestnut with blaze
 2014  Stelpa  Strákur frá Vatnsleysu Dark chestnut with blaze
In 2014 Skráma was covered by Strákur frá Vatnsleysu


skrama18Skráma and Skarði (2013)
skrama19Skráma and Skarði (2013)skrama7skrama5skrama6-crop