Colour: Bay splashed white

F: Strákur frá Vatnsleysu
FF: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu (8,35)
FM: Sonata frá Vatnsleysu (8,10)

M: Venus frá Fjalli
MF: Orion frá Litla-Bergi (8,09)
MM: Stemma frá Fjalli



Fönix is a big and well developed young stallion. He has nice lines in his building and shows all gaits with big steps. 
He has presented himself as calm and sweet in handling and his first training.

Fönix has the same mother as our breeding mare Glenna frá Flugumýri


Fönix will cover mares in Svalbarð, Vatnsnes (Northwest Iceland) this summer.
Price per mare is 30.000 isk + VAT.
For booking a mare or further information please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.